Hiking the John Muir Trail, August 2022…

Living in this time of COVID and social turmoil has created an environment in which it is hard to remain calm amid the chaos which continues to arise. The internet is terrific at keeping us informed, but the rapid-fire of maladies is hard for our human hearts and minds to process. Coping mechanisms which were in play pre-pandemic may no longer be as effective.

For me, nature has always been a place to re-center and find clarity. I had wanted to plan a thru-hike, and the opportunity to hike the John Muir Trail presented itself. With the support of a long list of people, I will be spending the month of August 2022 backpacking. I am so grateful for all the tremendous support for my upcoming journey.

I hope everyone finds support, joy, and gratitude in this crazy time. This is when making changes and plans may prove beneficial for mental health. My hope is we never lose the sight of our potential to work together and create a world of peace and harmony.

I want to thank Carly Moree, owner of Rocky Mountain Hiking Company, for coaching me on this trip. She is truly gifted in her knowledge and was very supportive of my process. I strongly recommend her for coaching and encourage you to book an adventure with her in Colorado or California. Read more about Carly here.

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