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for-patientsAt Asheville Gynecology and Wellness we are honored to participate in your health care. The practice offers gynecological care that embraces all aspects of women’s health in a nurturing environment combining evidence­ based Western medicine with time ­tested healing approaches. We look forward to providing resources that will empower you to live fully engaged healthy lives while recognizing your body’s ability to heal.

Our staff strive to be clear in our communication to better match our patients expectations. Please call us if you have any questions.


Well Woman Exam (Annual)

Common questions arise regarding the Well Woman Exam (Annual) and office visits. There is frequent confusion about what is included in a Well Woman Exam and how it is covered by insurance companies.   If we are out of your insurance network, we expect payment at the conclusion of your visit. Ultimately it is each patient’s responsibility to verify her insurance coverage, but we encourage you to call if you have any questions prior to your visit. For your convenience we accept most major credit cards.

What is a Well Woman Exam?

This exam is a yearly visit for your general health check up and includes the following:

  • Review medical, social, work, family history
  • Review medications and supplements
  • Medication refill · Pelvic exam
  • Pap test/cervical cancer screening (age 21+)
  • Physical exam (Blood pressure, weight, and height)
  • Breast exam
  • Skin check (for changing or abnormal moles)
  • Nutrition and exercise discussion
  • Sexual health discussion and / or STD testing
  • This exam is prevention focused, not problem focused

Well Woman Exams DO NOT Include

  • Discussion and/or treatment of chronic or new health concerns/issues
  • Labs/diagnostic testing related to new issues

What to Bring to Your Well Woman Exam

  • Bring supplements taken daily.
  • Bring over the counter medications taken frequently.
  • Bring in your prescription medications.
  • Bring the name and address of your primary care physicians and specialists.
  • Bring your insurance card and photo ID.


  • We encourage patients to enter the patient portal and complete the demographic form and medical history form prior to your appointment. Your accurate medical history is an important part of your health care. Please let us know if you need assistance logging onto the patient portal and completing the patient forms.
  • If you have completed the forms then please arrive to your appointment 20 minutes ahead to allow for check in.
  • If you are unable to finish the forms at home or need help completing the forms in the office we will have a device available and assistance for you to complete the form. Please arrive 20 minutes ahead if you need help with the forms.
  • We are allotting 20 minutes of time with the provider for each patient. We strive to to minimize the stress of your visit by running on-time and avoiding unnecessary wait-times. If you are late, we regret your time will be shortened. Please be understanding of unplanned events such as emergencies as we work to keep on schedule.
  • A Health History form is offered for patients interested in detailing current and past health practices and working towards personalized health goals for the future. This is done in collaboration with your care provider.

Same day appointments for established patients regarding Urinary (UTI, bladder) Infections

UTI symptoms are common and best evaluated and treated promptly.

We offer walk in appointments for symptoms of UTI during regular office hours.

  • Monday through Thursday 8:30-4:00
  • Most Fridays 8:30-2:00



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